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Discover the benefits of proven used cars from Cars & Care and drive in style!

We are the first and only owner.

You can be sure that you are buying the vehicle from the first and only owner, as the car does not change hands during the lease.

Documentable maintenance & repair history.

We register all repairs and insurance claims in our internal system - we will be happy to allow you to view it.

100% guarantee of odometer authenticity.

We know everything about our cars and since we are not traders, we can guarantee you the kilometers driven.

Favorable financing offer

We own more than 4,000 cars, which allows us to provide you with more favorable financing conditions.

Simple and understandable purchase contract

We have made sure that our contract is comprehensible even to someone who does not have a legal education.

Comfort, guarantee and safety

We offer cars after operational leasing with a guaranteed maintenance & repair history, the age of which usually does not exceed 3-5 years.

Individual approach

This is also why it is necessary to make an appointment in advance so that you can get to know your chosen vehicle as much as possible.

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